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What we are doing?

We programm OpenGL applications for Linux (Unix environement) and Windows 9x/Me/2000 systems. In Windows we use Cygwin (Unix ported tools to Windows) tools like the GNU C++ compiler (gcc). We have made some example programs which works perfectly in Linux and Windows. Currently we port also the NeHE excellent opengl tutorials to Cygwin (because we don´t like commercial C++ compilers like Visual C++). Here you can find the last NeHE tutorials ported to Cygwin.

We have also made a example program that demonstrate how easy it´s to compile opengl applications in Linux and Windows. Porting now programs from Unix system to Windows is easy with Cygwin and Glut.

Our project: Bärchen 3D (bear 3d)

Bärchen 3D is a simple OpenGL program written by us to demonstrate how easy you can port OpenGL programs to Linux and Windows. Normally you should compile it without any problems.

Windows 2000
Linux (KDE 1.x)



Cygwin (free GNU C++ compiler for Windows, linker, debugger, unix environement etc...)
Our project files and NeHE ported tutorials to Cygwin download here


Contact us

If you have some questions, send me an email to stephan at domain
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